Brand concept

"Good steamed fang" was founded in the years of the republic of China, it has more than hundred years history, were identified as the "old" in zhejiang province department of commerce of zhejiang province. The "good" longyou culture covers the traditional craft specialization and business concept of good faith; "Evaporate" culture highlights the traditional Chinese diet, diet culture stretches of witness is one thousand; "Fang" culture has a traditional business scale the location of humility. Good steamed fang longyou steamed sponge cake ingredients, finished product color, white jade, fine like needle hole, smell the fresh scent of fragrant, sweet and not greasy, delicious food and not sticky. "

About Us

Zhejiang good steamed lane bake cultural park is located in the hometown of longyou business - zhejiang longyou, cultural park and plant a total construction area of 56628 square meters, is a collection of informative, recreational sex, entertainment, participation in a body's comprehensive cultural park.

Mission area is divided into the hall, law UK folk museum, longyou characteristics snacks hall, MAO good steamed steamed sponge cake cultural center, the four seasons cake pavilion, DE hui shortbread, cultural center, modern workshop displays, non-material cultural exhibits, such as the eight galleries and an education of primary and middle school students practice base. Park has a complete food and beverage, accommodation, parking, and other functions.

Relying on the platform of the culture, can better protect heritage longyou intangible cultural, cakes and traditional culture, promote the prosperity of longyou culture.